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The Big 3 for 2018

February 5, 2018

Moved to Rescue

60 Child Headed Households

60 Child-Headed Households (CHH) is a bold goal for this next year, but one we feel led by the Lord to pursue. Please join us in extending God’s rescue and hope to more orphaned households. The future remains grim for these orphans unless someone intervenes.  

We first started caring for CHH’s when a UNICEF representative informed us that “Zomba has the largest number of Child-Headed Households in Malawi.” We’re presently helping 14 CHH’s and have helped more besides. It’s wonderful seeing God’s blessings touch these orphaned siblings as well as their village neighbors.

With your help, we’ve rebuilt & repaired homes, sent kids back to school, made sure they had food & clothing and shared the love of Jesus with them and their villages.  So much good is coming from this effort, but we know there are many more orphan Households in need.
This year we want to reach more CHH’s.


How can you help?
•    Sponsor a new CHH for $60 per month
•    Give monthly to hire additional Staff (at least one more is needed: $250 per month)
•    Donate towards a Vehicle ($10k needed)



Orphans need School

Support their education, provide them with a future

What a difference Education makes!  Second only to the Gospel, keeping an orphan in school changes their future in amazing ways! One example is former Passion Child Prophet Dauda.  

As one of the first Passion orphans, Proph wouldn’t have had the encouragement, ability or opportunity to continue school all the way through College! But he had the opportunity through the support of the Passion Center and now he’s a teacher and author! He’s written about his journey in the book we’ve just published: “Prophet’s Tale, A Life Within the Life of an Orphan.” His story is inspiring!

We want other Passion orphans to experience the unique plans God has for their lives like Proph did, and Education plays a huge role in that. We are seeking partners who would help us continue providing the growing number of Passion students the opportunity to influence and impact their communities.

Would you consider pledging a monthly Education Gift of $25, $50 or $100 for a year?  If so, we’d love to send you Proph’s book as a way to say thank you and as a testimony to the power that opportunities can provide! (Please don’t forget to include the postal address for the book in the memo)

New Passion Site in a Muslim Area

Expanding God's ministry to Ntaja

In the predominately Muslim region of Ntaja, we’re seeking to discover a starting point for 

a new ministry site. In the Muluguzi area, we started by giving bread and tea to 10 orphans. 

Some amazing ministries and a dynamic church grew from that.

In the Jali area, we started with a pastor trained by the Passion Center for Pastors. Now 40 

Orphans, a Child Headed Household, a Community Health Network team, a widows’ ministry, 

an Elisha Initiative effort, and the Gospel’s impact is spreading to dozens of surrounding 


In the Namikongo area, a new church plant started from a commercial farming effort linked 

with the Passion Center and the guidance of the Mulunguzi church.  Now orphans, widows and the vulnerable are hearing God has not forgotten them. Hundreds are coming to faith and soon other Passion Center distinctive ministries will take root here.

We don't know how it actually starts in Ntaja. We‘ll try a few things, visit on a regular basis, do some Outreaches with the Mission Teams, look for some land & key people to work with, and of course, pray and seek the Lord.  
Join us as we seek God for that starting point in Ntaja. Any gifts to help cover those costs are appreciated.



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