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God's grace restoring shattered dreams

January 31, 2019

Patricia Hannah Mussa is the most recent example of God’s grace restoring shattered dreams. It’s a story of resilience in the face of death and hardship. Her stepfather sent her to Zomba to care for her dying mother. After her mother’s death, she never saw her step-father again. A poor aunt with 5 children took her in, but the death of her husband devastated the family. With no income and facing hunger, Patricia’s only option was to leave and look for work. Though she has always done well in school, she couldn’t continue. When a local pastor heard her story, he was moved and pleaded with the Social Welfare office to intervene. They contacted the Passion Center in December and now she has a stable loving ‘family’, learning about Jesus, has all her basic needs met and can focus on finishing school. She dreams to become a nurse. We thank God that her story serves as another example of His rescue, redemption, and restoration in action!



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