Our Team


Eric serves as the founder and president of the Passion Center, and his wife, Julie is the office manager. Eric and Julie have been married for 42 years and have been blessed with 7 children and 5 grandchildren. They committed their lives to Christ while serving in the military, and since then the Lord has allowed them to serve Him as missionaries and church planters on three continents! Their hearts’ desire is to continue to be used by God to bring Him glory and to expand His Kingdom.


Pilira W. Chibwana is the National Director for Passion Center for Children in Malawi. Along with the founder, he helped start the Passion Center for Children in 2004.  

Pilira oversees and executes all aspects of the Passion Center ministry in Malawi, including providing guidance and leadership to the Executive Director of the Passion Center, working closely with the President to execute the vision and mission of the Passion Center for Children, and serving on the Board of Directors to guide the overall ministry of the Passion Center. Pilira and his wife Omega have two sons, Caleb and Wati.  He also serves as the Senior Pastor at Mulunguzi Community Church.


Saul Mateyu is the Executive Director for the Passion Center for Children in Malawi. He joined the Passion Center staff in June 2016, first as the Assistant Passion Center for Pastor's (PCP) Coordinator and Youth Pastor for Mulunguzi Community Church.   

As the Executive Director, Saul is responsible for the effective implementation and administration of all Passion Center operations. Saul married his wife, Naomi, in October 2019. 


Kristin Sommerville is the Communications & Stateside Sponsorship Coordinator for the Passion Center for Children. She began volunteering for the organization in 2014 and officially joined the Passion Center staff in September 2019.

As the Communications and Sponsorship Coordinator, Kristin works to connect supporters to new ministry opportunities, updates, and incredible stories through social media and other various means of communication, as well as overseeing our sponsor-sponsorships connections. 

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