Our Team

Jodi Gardner


Jodi serves as the Operations Coordinator for Passion Center for Children. She first visited the Passion Center in 2016 with a team from her church and officially joined Passion Center staff in 2021.

As Operations Coordinator, Jodi works closely with the President to oversee campaigns and projects, share the stories of the amazing things God is doing in the villages of Malawi, and also serves as a liaison to the supporting churches and individuals in the states.


Kristin Sommerville

Kristin serves as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Passion Center for Children. She began volunteering for the organization in 2014 and officially joined the Passion Center team in September 2019.

As Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Kristin works to connect supporters to the work in Malawi through stories, ministry updates, and new opportunities using social media and other various means of communication. She also assists with our sponsor-sponsorships connections. 

Edwin Ng'ambani


Edwin serves as Community Health Network (CHN) Coordinator in Malawi. He joined the Passion Center team in 2019. As CHN Coordinator, Edwin is responsible for leading the Community Health Ministry, which provides basic health education and care to the most vulnerable households and communities while sharing the gospel. Under CHN,  Edwin also provides care for our Infant Rescue Program, which combats malnutrition among orphaned infants.


Edwin also serves as the Discipleship and Missions Pastor at Mulunguzi Community Church. He and his wife Alinet have been blessed with 3 children, Charis, Praise, and Gloria.


Stuart Banda

Stuart serves as the Child Headed Household (CHH) Coordinator in Malawi. He joined the Passion team in 2008. As CHH Coordinator, Stuart provides care and support for all of our CHH. Stuart also serves as a teaching pastor at Mulunguzi Community Church. He has three children Phatiswayo, Miracle, and Eric.

Jonathan Kasitomu


Jonathan serves as the Finance and Administration Officer in Malawi. He joined Passion Center for Children in April 2020. Jonathan holds a diploma in Accounting and he is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Internal Auditing at the University of Malawi. As Finance and Administration Officer, Jonathan is responsible for managing Passion Center for Children's financial and administrative operations.

Holly King


Holly serves as a missionary and In-Country Child Sponsorship and Correspondence Coordinator in Malawi. She first visited Africa in 2011 and has been in Malawi since 2016. She previously served as a Coordinator for our Champions Club and Champs Mobile ministries which supports children with special needs and their families. As Sponsorship Coordinator, Holly is responsible for overseeing the sponsorship activities of Passion Center for Children in Malawi, including maintaining communications between sponsors and the children and students enrolled in our various ministries.


Holly intends to stay in Malawi as long as the Lord allows and the door remains open.

Irine Kubwalo


Irine serves as the Matron and Child Welfare Coordinator in Malawi. She joined the ministry in 2018. As Matron and Child Welfare Coordinator, Irine is responsible for the welfare of all of the children, ensuring that they live in a happy, safe, and well-disciplined environment where they can fully experience God’s love for them. Irine is also one of the key leaders of the Children’s Ministry at Mulunguzi Community Church.

Orison Chinangwa


Orison serves as the Sustainment Program Coordinator in Malawi. He first joined the Passion team in 2015 as our Administration Officer. As Sustainment Program Coordinator, Orison trains and empowers our beneficiaries and their communities to be economically self-reliant. Orison and his wife Deborah have two children, Zurishaddai and Giannah.

Robert Chifupa


Robert serves as the Education Coordinator in Malawi. He joined the ministry in March 2020. As Education Coordinator, Robert is responsible for leading all education programs including the community library and vocational skills training programs. He holds a diploma in Early Childhood Development and previously worked with World Vision Malawi. Robert and his wife Gertrude have been married for 10 years.