A Brief Overview of Our Ministries

Community Health Network

Our Community Health Network (CHN) trains village volunteers to bring health, healing and spiritual wholeness to those forgotten in hundreds of remote villages. Sadly, with over 70% of Malawi's populations living in rural areas, health care is scarcely available. By providing training and supplies, our village volunteers are able provide essential first aid, health care and counsel to those in desperate need in the name of Jesus Christ. Your donation allows our volunteers to continue meeting both physical and spiritual needs. 

The Passion Sports Network

Soccer and netball are amazing ways to reach youth who are at risk and don't attend church. The Passion Sports Network evangelizes communities through the sports league and games the Passion Center sponsors. Through conducting Bible studies for the athletes and coaches, preaching at half time and running clinics, the Passion Sports Network emphasizes salvation, discipleship, caring for the least of these and responsible behavior.


Help us by sponsoring a league or a team for one year ($750 a year), give equipment/ supplies or come with a team to play and put on clinics.

Build them a Home 

Orphans are most often taken in by elderly grandparents who live in small homes in desperate need of repair or replacement. Child Headed Households (CHH) particularly live in deplorable conditions. Our "Build Them a Home" project has already rebuilt or repaired several homes!


This project tangibly communicates that God cares for them and their living conditions. It costs $3,500 to rebuild an entire house. Consider providing the means to build a home in whole or in part!

Education Now!

This project allows to us to provide education for students from Primary School to college and vocational training for those who do not qualify to continue in school. Less than 15% of students finish secondary school and only about 1% go to college in Malawi. With God’s grace, that is not the story with the Passion Center! Already ten of our Passion kids are currently attending or have already graduated from college. As more and more orphans return to and continue with school, our education costs have risen. Consider joining our efforts to develop young minds and provide the opportunities to excel.

Passion Center for Pastors 

Pastors (specifically village pastors) in Malawi play a vital role in communicating and demonstrating the saving and overcoming power of God's grace. Most village pastors receive very little encouragement and have not had formal biblical training. Despite their resources, each of these men have a strong desire to be used of God. The Passion Center  for Pastors (PCP) ministry has a huge open door to train, strengthen and mentor hundreds of pastors who often are the only ones preaching God's Word, caring for orphans and widows, and standing against folk Islam, witchcraft, and destructive cultural practices.


 Help us conduct regional pastoral conferences and provide year-long training programs to enable these pastors to become outposts of God's grace. Donate to give the gift of training today!

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