Champions Club

The Passion Center for Children's Champions Club is a ministry first of its kind in Malawi, Africa that brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to Special Needs children and their families. 


Living in one of the poorest countries in the world, Special Needs children, or Champs, are too often underserved, neglected or shunned. The Champions Club provides encouragement, training, resources, and love to meet the developmental needs of Champs in four major areas:

  • Spiritual

  • Intellectual

  • Emotional

  • Physical


Our main desire is to tangibly demonstrate to all Champs that God hasn't forgotten them and that there is real hope in Jesus Christ. You can join us by sponsoring a Champ, praying for our Club or by giving regularly to the Champions Club.

Thank you for allowing us to share the Champions Club with you. May God continue to bless and guide you.

Sponsor a Champ

Select the designation of 'Passion Champs' for $25 per month for a one-time gift or recurring payment

*Due to legal reasons, specific children for sponsorships are not accepted.

Mailing Address:

Passion Center for Children 

PO BOX 99986

Lakewood, WA 98496

Passion Center is a registered Non-Profit with 501(c)3 status

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