Passion Center for Pastors

The Passion Center for Pastors (PCP) has an amazing opportunity to impact Malawi with the gospel. Our three-year Bible program develops pastors who are passionate about making the grace, hope, and truth of God known in their rural villages. With over 70% of Malawi’s population living in the villages, the PCP ministry has the potential of touching thousands of communities.  


Most village pastors have never received Bible training, encouragement, or mentoring to help them communicate God’s love and grace effectively. Through a free three-year training program, our hope is to see these pastors and ministry leaders strengthen their present churches and plant new ones in their communities.  


In a typical village, the chief or the village witch doctor has the most influence. We want to change that by seeing that the PCP pastor and their church become powerful agents of God’s mercy, healing, and new life in their communities!


Your donation helps us provide year-long training, conduct regional pastoral conferences, and enables these pastors to become outposts of God's grace. 

Passion Center for Pastors

Ministry Contact: Billy Wood, PCP Director