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An Open Door | Infant Rescue Project

My name is Hannah Lynn and I spent two weeks in Malawi in July of 2019. In preparing for my first mission trip I began reading stories from missionaries that had been serving with the Passion Center and I came across Jodi Gardner. Jodi had shared stories of hope and encouragement but one day she had shared about a little baby that had been orphaned after childbirth named Chifundo. She was being cared for by a young man and his family that were related to her mom. At the time there wasn’t a program for infants, but this little baby touched Jodi’s heart and she shared the needs that orphans face on social media. Her story touched my heart too so before I left for Malawi our church family gathered clothes, diapers, rice cereals, and formula to send with me. I had to borrow an extra suitcase. 

One afternoon during my 2-week stay in Malawi I was asked if I wanted to go meet Chifundo and give her family the gifts I brought. I was so excited to have the privilege of meeting her and the family that was caring for her. When we arrived at the home I was surprised to see how small it was for a family of 5. It was roughly built of bricks and a tin roof. There was no running water or electricity. It impressed upon my heart the challenge it must be to provide for your own family in these circumstances let alone adding another. I was able to meet the family and present them with the gifts from the Passion Center and our church. They were so grateful and thankful. While we were visiting, we noticed that Chifundo had some sores on her neck so Jodi asked if we could come back with a nurse. A few days later we returned a missionary nurse who brought some topical cream that would help to clear it up. This cream was not very expensive but to a family that has very little, it was not an option to buy. It made my heart sad as I thought of the many people in Malawi that have easily cured medical needs but just do not have the resources. The illnesses and sores that can be easily treated turn into life or death situations too many times. I was so thankful for the Passion Center’s ability to help sweet baby Chifundo!

As I was preparing to head home to the U.S. Jodi shared with me some wonderful news. Her passion to help little orphans like Chifundo was going to become a reality. The Passion Center had committed to a new ministry, the Infant Rescue Project. For only $25 a month orphans would get their basic needs met like nutrition and medical care. I asked right then if our family could sponsor Chifundo and we were given the privilege to become the first Infant Rescue sponsor. What a blessing to have met the little baby that we will get to provide for over the years!

This ministry is so essential in Malawi. So often families and extended families do not have the resources to provide for the needs of their little ones. Children are often fed a corn mush which has little nutrients. The lack of nutrition and medical care delays the health and wellness of the youngest Malawians. I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry that helps the development of children in need from the very beginning of their life. I encourage you to consider sponsoring an infant through the Infant Rescue Project and help give one of the most vulnerable an opportunity for a healthy start in life!

To donate to this project or sponsor an infant click here:

or donate from now until June 30th at our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels and receive a special thank you gift!



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