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GIVE HOPE | Expansion of the Infant Rescue Project

The quick response, compassion, and generosity of our Infant Rescue Project (IRP) partners have caused us to dream of where the Lord may be leading the ministry. We believe we need to expand the ministry in two ways:

  1. Increase our sponsorship by adding 10 additional infants who have lost their mothers.

  2. Expand the IRP to include an Infant Rescue Home. We have often been asked by local officials and CHN volunteers to do something like this. We know this is a big commitment that requires much prayer, planning and coordination. If the Lord is leading us to walk through this door of rescue it will require confirmation, lots of preparation, and a property. We are asking friends, partners and sponsors to pray along with us and help us raise $5,000 to take a step in this direction.

How can I help?

Help us provide 10 additional IRP sponsorships for Infants needing rescue at $25/month

Use 'IRP sponsorship' as your designation.

Help us expand our IRP ministry by giving towards a new property at approximately 5K

Use 'IRP Property' as your designation


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