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Giving Thanks in 2020

As we come to the end of a very unusual year, we still see so much to give thanks for. Here’s a quick sample - Join us in giving thanks!

COVID-19: A Challenge, but also an Opportunity

There probably isn’t any place that wasn’t adversely impacted by COVID-19 this year. For a poor country like Malawi, that negative impact is amplified and could have caused even more damage. But thanks to the generous response of our Passion Center friends, this challenge turned into an opportunity to share God’s hope and grace. The Passion Center staff not only provided handwashing stations, health training and awareness, masks, gloves, and educational materials, they also shared the gospel message at several schools, health clinics, a prison, and over one hundred village communities. In the process of helping and serving, we saw 173 individuals give their lives to Christ. Join us in thanking God for changing these challenging times into seasons of praise!

34 New Sponsorships

Since mid-June, we’ve seen 34 new sponsor-sponsorship connections. That means 34 more Passion orphans, infants, champs, and child-headed households now have someone praying for them, giving financially towards their care, and helping them experience God’s grace-filled future!

5 Newly Built Homes

It’s pretty special turning over newly built homes to our orphans. Local village chiefs come out, the supporting CHN volunteers attend, the community joins in on the celebration and sometimes a government official participates in the event. These handovers are powerful declarations and tangible reminders that God’s grace brings hope and a new future to orphans who’ve mostly known death, disease, and despair. This year we handed over 5 newly built homes!

Warm Blankets Distributed

All of our Passion kids received a warm blanket this year! That probably doesn’t seem like much to us, but to an orphan who might be seen as a burden or even a curse- what a powerful message this is! The expense of a blanket is more than most villagers could or would spend on an orphan, so a new blanket speaks to their hearts that God values them and that He knows their needs. This also helps us tell the story of how God, in Christ, wants to wrap them up in His great love. Join us in giving thanks to God for a simple thing like blankets, that speaks of a far greater truth that can change everything!

Pa Mthunzi Retreat Center What started as a wild dream turned into a reality this year! It’s an awesome story and an amazing testimony of God’s orchestration. The grounds are beautiful and the buildings give it a lodge feel. We can’t wait to start hosting all the mission trips in the main cottage and two auxiliary cottages, and when it’s not hosting our mission trip travelers it will serve as an income-generating bed and breakfast and retreat and conference site!

Malawi NextGen Fundraiser

Our November Malawi NextGen fundraiser exceeded our initial goal of $20,000 by over $5,000! This allows us to continue sending a growing number of Passion Center students to universities, colleges, and technical institutes! What an amazing milestone and what a powerful impact this has on individual lives, families, entire villages and communities, and the nation as a whole. Going to college is just another high-point in an unfolding story of grace and hope! Here is one story of this impact:

Laston Boniface just finished at a Tailoring Institute and received a sewing machine and equipment to start the next chapter of his unfolding story, this is his story in his own words.

“My name is Laston Boniface and I was found in the program of Passion Center for Children because I lost both my parents. Passion Center for Children started to take care of me in 2010 and it has been there to provide both Physical and Spiritual support. I am thanking all the sponsors who took part in Educating me to this level. I am asking them to continue Helping other needy kids and also I am asking the kids to work hard once given a chance so that they can get where I am now. For the machine you have given me, I am going to use it to earn a living and also to sustain all my needs. I am thankful and I am always asking God to be blessing you abundant”

Join us in thanking God who is still Rescuing, Redeeming & Restoring orphans, the vulnerable and their communities!



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