A Bright Future | Madalitso's Story

Madalitso and her new sewing machine

From outward appearances, things might look like Madalitso has no worries in the world. Like many young girls in Malawi, she loves to play netball and do the same things most girls her age like to do, but in reality, she has carried the burden of more worries, heartache, and fears than most people will ever have to carry.

Madalitso's father passed away early on, and she dropped out of school in Standard 6 to help care for her mother who was very ill at the time. Because someone had to be home at all times to care for their mother and to provide for the family, she and her sister split time going to school. One of them would go to school one week, the other would go to school the next week. Though Madalitso loved school, she eventually realized that she really enjoyed doing the farming for their family as well. She then decided to sacrifice her own schooling so that her sister could receive her education, and so she could take on doing the farming responsibilities. During her time at home, She loved spending time with her mother and chatting with her. Their conversations seemed to allow both of them to forget about their sufferings, at least temporarily, but at night her mother seemed to suffer more than she did throughout the day. Sometimes Madalitso even prayed and wished that God would just take her mother so she wasn't suffering anymore.

Sadly, after an 8-year battle with skin cancer and HIV, her mother passed away in 2014, leaving Madalitso as the head of the household for her brother and sister. Both during the time of her mother's illness and even after her mom had passed, she and her siblings received no support from any family members, all they had was each other. They decided that they would do everything in their power to stay together as a family. This required them to work even harder at things, especially farming, so they could continue to eat. Madalitso shared, "Sometimes I would lay in bed worrying about how my younger siblings and I would be able to eat. I felt a great responsibility as the oldest sibling. How would the younger ones be able to go to school with dirty clothes and an empty stomach?"

When Passion Center entered the picture, Madalitso and her siblings finally had hope that things were going to be okay. They still were going to have to farm, but she was okay with that because she enjoyed it. She began to find hope in the love and encouraging words that were brought by the Passion staff, but even still, she feared that she would not be able to do anything for herself because she had to drop out of school.

Today, Madalitso has completed the necessary training for tailoring and was given a treadle sewing machine. She is now able to earn some income tailoring clothes. She is so proud of this trade she learned! In addition to this, she and her siblings also received a new home through the generosity of a Passion donor.

When we asked how we could be praying for her she said, “Be praying for a bright future for my family. I want people around us to come to know God (if they don't already) because they see what He's done in our lives and how He's provided for us and given us hope.”

How amazing is this story of how God is using this family to shine brightly in their village so that others may come to know Christ? Madalitso's story is not only a wonderful reminder that very difficult circumstances can be overcome with godly encouragement, a timely opportunity, determination, and the power of grace, it also demonstrates how learning a vocational skill can make such an incredible difference for those who are not able to finish traditional schooling.

In 2021, our vision is to help many more young men and women like Madalitso learn a vocational trade by establishing our own Vocation Training Center which would offer 5 vocational skills: carpentry, masonry, welding, electrical, and tailoring training at our own center.

View our current campaign here: http://sponsorship.passioncenterforchildren.org/campaigns/vocational-tools-equipment