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CHH Home Dedications | August 18th, 2020

Yesterday Passion Center for Children dedicated and handed over two newly built homes to 2 families in the Child-Headed Households (CHH) program, the Malaya and Severe families.

The ceremony was attended by chiefs from the two villages and other community leaders including Community Health Network (CHN) volunteers who have been instrumental in identifying and supporting these families. The guest of honor was the District Social Welfare Officer for Zomba.

What a blessing to have these families now have homes of their own! Here is a brief photo/video recap of these dedications.

Abusa Banda giving welcome remarks

The Zomba DSWO and the Executive Director cutting the ribbon to officially open the house

The District Social Welfare Officer handing over the keys to the Malaya girls

(Christiana and Norah)

Christina Malaya's poem thanking the Passion Center

"I have come with my poem; it’s titled: THANK YOU!!

You, Passion staff, how can we thank you enough us as orphans. We were suffering a lot. We were lacking a place to sleep as well as writing pens and exercise books (for our school). But you are giving us everything. 

You Passion staff, we are full of joy in our hearts. You, Passion staff, all our sufferings due to lack of a place to sleep is over today. Our school books will never be damaged by rains. May God keep you. 

You mai Chimwala (CHN volunteer), may you continue with your good heart of loving us as orphans. If it was not for you, we would have not Passion Center. May God keep you.

To you Passion Center staff, may God give you back what you have used so that you can do to other needy children what you have done for us. May God bless you richly and always."

The District Social Welfare Officer and Executive Director cutting the ribbon to officially open the house with the recipients (Mattias and Raphael) looking on.

Raphael, the head of the family, opening the house after receiving the keys

Raphael Severe and his grandmother making their appreciation remarks



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