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Cyclone Freddy Hits Malawi

Tropical Cyclone Freddy made its way to Malawi on Saturday, March 11, and its devastating effects are being felt across many districts.

As of Wednesday, the Malawi government has confirmed 225 people have died due to the cyclone, with 41 people still missing. Over 700 are injured, and 18,689 households have been displaced. Our Passion Center staff was able to go out and start checking on both our Passion Kids and church members, but the flooding and rain have made it difficult to get to many of the houses. They were able to visit 17 houses on Wednesday, of which 14 were Passion Kids and their guardians. Of the 14 houses visited, 13 were either completely collapsed or badly damaged to where it is not safe to stay inside the house. In addition to losing their houses, many people lost clothing, food, cooking supplies, crops, and almost everything else they owned.

The federal government has set up some emergency camps in schools and churches. The primary school behind Passion Center is currently housing 88 people. Another camp, Likangala, where we did an outreach after last year's cyclone, has 367 households staying there. The needs are great, and even though these displaced families are able to go to a camp for safety, the camps don't have the resources to provide food, blankets, and water for the families living there.

Please continue to pray for all those affected, and if you would like to donate to emergency aid for our Passion Center and church families, visit


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