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Cyclone Response

CYCLONE RESPONSE — As the nation of Malawi continues to deal with so much loss and hopelessness, we are thankful for a break in the rains and the opportunities that God has given our staff to go out and offer relief to those who have lost nearly everything in the recent tropical cyclone.

The death toll now stands at 326, while the number of displaced households has more than doubled in two days, now at over 40,000.

The government has set up 317 emergency camps nationwide, including one at Mulunguzi Primary School, located near the Passion Center. Some families from Mulunguzi Community Church have sought refuge there, and today, some of our Passion team were able to purchase and deliver some much-needed supplies to the camp, including maize flour, beans, cooking oil, nutritional porridge, laundry soap, buckets for water, and sleeping mats.

During the visit, our assistant ministry coordinator, Jason, shared some words of encouragement from Matthew 25:37-40. He encouraged them to find hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, who cares for them so much that He even identifies Himself with those who are hungry and suffering like them. Jason encouraged them to put their hope in Jesus Christ, even during times of disaster.

Please continue praying for those affected!


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