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Fully Funded- Wonderfully Made Campaign

At the beginning of our Wonderfully Made campaign, we set a goal of raising $20,000 to build a new Champions Club site and provide equipment, staffing, and supplies for our Champs facilities. We know that God always provides all that we need, so we prayed that whatever was needed to do His will would be provided. Today, we are excited to share that God provided over and above our imagination. Through your generous support and prayers, we raised over $46,000 for our Champions Club ministry. God is so good!

Because we surpassed our original goal, we can now expand our second Champs site in Jali to provide more rooms for the staff and kids to do their therapy and training. We will also be able to make some much-needed upgrades and repairs to our current Champs Club building and provide more staff members to train and care for our Champs at both locations.

Additionally, we are thrilled to share that 25 of our 60 unsponsored Champions were sponsored throughout the course of our campaign. We are so humbled and grateful for this response! We truly believe that God has placed these precious children in our program for a purpose, and we would love for you to continue praying for this growing ministry and every family that it touches.

Thanks again for your generous support!


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