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Give HOPE | Pastoral Ministry Support

Join us in celebrating another new church plant, Grace Community Church! Chinduzi Community Church launched in November, and now Grace Community Church makes the second church launch in the past 30 days. What a sweet blessing it is to see churches planting new churches! This is one of the main aims of the Passion Center for Pastors (PCP) ministry and an important way to bring God’s hope and healing to so many that need His touch.

Here is a little background on the new plant and how you can help both Chinduzi and Grace Community Church. It was Abusa Million and Jali Community Church that sent Pastor Maganizo Kastomu out as the missionary pastor last September, all in preparation for this official launch. Pastor Maganizo was trained in our 3-year Passion Center for Pastors ministry training program and will be mentored and encouraged by both Abusa Million and Abusa Pilira.

Please pray for Maganizo and his wife, Martha, that many people would come to Christ and that a strong and compassionate community of believers will emerge who will have a powerful impact in this rural area as the church continues to grow.

Interested in supporting these churches? Consider purchasing land for their churches or donating towards Bibles and chairs.

How can I help?

Purchase land for their churches Jali and Grace had enough funds to rent the land the church is on for one year, but they would love to purchase it. Chinduzi was able to purchase half of the plot for their church and would like to obtain the other half. We want to raise $850 for Chinduzi and $1,000 for Grace. Use 'PCP Ministry-Church Plant' as your designation.

Purchase Bibles for each church

A bundle of 10 Bibles costs $100 ($10 for each Bible and $200 for two Bible bundles) Use 'Bible Bundles' as your designation.

Purchase chairs for each church

150 chairs for each church for a total of 300 chairs Total cost: $4,000 ($2,000 each church)

Use 'PCP chairs' as your designation.



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