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Help is on the Way

Recently the Passion Center heard a cry for help and delivered a wheelchair and the Good News of Christ to Marriam and her family in a remote village of Malawi. Marriam shared her plight and need through a voice message which was shared on social media.

At the age of 10, Marriam’s legs grew weak and stopped developing, leaving her unable to walk. Living in poverty and in a remote area, her parents never took her to a hospital because of the cost and distance. When the Passion Center heard about her story, they immediately responded.

Marriam was all smiles when a team arrived to encourage her and present her with a wheelchair (which came in a previous container)! She was so thankful for the gift, which she had long hoped for. During the presentation of the wheelchair, Pastor Edwin shared the gospel with Marriam and her family, and one person gave their life to Christ! The team plans to follow up with the family and conduct an outreach soon.



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