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Cyclone Ana Impacts Thousands in Malawi

In late January, many districts in the southern region of Malawi were hit by Cyclone Ana.

The cyclone brought heavy and persistent rains which caused injuries, loss of life, and massive damage to homes, roads, and other infrastructure. This left many people destitute and in dire need of food, supplies, and shelter. The most affected areas are Zomba and Chikwawa. Thousands have been displaced and are living at emergency camps, and many children, churches, and families connected with our ministry were severely impacted.

Recently, our team visited the Likangala Disaster Rescue Camp to minister to 264 of these families staying in 8 emergency rescue shelters. In addition to sharing the hope and love of Jesus, they played games and sang songs with the children, distributed food, and answered many health questions.

We are incredibly grateful for all the donations that have allowed us to begin to provide relief in these communities. Please continue to pray for the people of Malawi and our team as they continue to serve those affected.

Pictured: Distributing 10 kg of maize flour and five packs of Soya


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