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Meet Baby Chifundo | IRP

What an amazing summer of rescue, redemption and restoration! Thank you for all who came, served, supported and prayed. We saw pastors trained & graduating, the sick being cared for, new homes built & dedicated, the joy and message of life shared at soccer matches, and solar power coming to places that will never see electricity. We got to see churches growing, impacting and dreaming of doing more for orphans who’ve seen too much death, disease and abandonment. Those same orphans now know the grace and love of Christ. Many of our team members got to see our first Passion student finishing medical school, thousands making decisions of faith and so much more. Here's just one story as an example of what happened this summer.

Her mother died three days after Chifundo was born, her father had already abandoned the mother 4 months earlier. Hope was fading. Relatives passed her around only being able to care for her a short while. It fell on a cousin of the deceased mother and her husband to finally care for Chifundo, but they had few resources. A Community Health Network (CHN) volunteer learned of the dire situation and quickly asked the Passion Center to help. Immediate help was provided, but Chifundo’s situation led us to begin praying seriously about starting an Infant Rescue Project. Was this the time to start one? What would a project like this look like? What would it take to get started and keep it going?

Those questions were answered during one of the Mission Trips. Now through the Community Health Network ministry, the Passion Center will provide Infant formula for babies to two years whose mothers died at childbirth. We’ll also provide blankets, baby clothes, medical care, encouragement to the primary care givers, and share the gospel with the neighbors of our newly rescued Infant. We want to start with 20 Infants and need 19 Infant Sponsors who will donate $40 per month and pray regularly for their sponsored infant.

We only need 19 sponsors now! Chifundo is the first infant in this Rescue Project and Hannah, a team member from the Summer Team is the first Passion Infant Sponsor (she just so happened to pack baby clothes, blankets and diapers from her church ‘just in case’ God showed her a need!).

If you are willing to be a 2-year Passion Infant Sponsor, you can just note on your monthly donation (online or via check) to designate it’s for the CHN Infant Rescue Project and we’ll match you up with a baby to sponsor!


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