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Reaching the Hard to Reach Places with Hope

Early this week the CHN team drove 40km, rode a paddleboat, and took a bicycle taxi to Chisi Island where they gave a wheelchair to Steven Frank, a 12-year-old who has cerebral palsy. Steven lives with his mother who has 3 other kids. The father of the kids divorced the mother and moved to Phalombe and never visits.

Staff members from Chisi Health Center saw the need for this young boy and wrote his story and posted it on social media asking for well-wishers to help him with a wheelchair. The CHN team heard the story and was moved to act. They contacted the officials of the health center to arrange for the wheelchair donation.

While the visit was unannounced, people from the surrounding houses including the chief came to witness as Steve was receiving his precious gift. The team used the opportunity to share the gospel and 12 people including the health center staff were saved.

The mother, chief, and even the medical personnel from Chisi Health Center thanked Passion Center for responding so quickly in donating the much-needed wheelchair.

Chisi Health Center serves a population of 10,000 who live on the island. There's a great need for the gospel on that island. One of the staff who got saved asked the team to take the gospel message around the entire island.

Praise the Lord for this opportunity and impact!


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