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A Future No One Saw Coming

It’s hard to imagine what it takes to survive when literally every part of your world has died or collapsed around you. That’s why I’m amazed by Nyson Ndenda’s story. His is truly a story of hope replacing despair in a remote village in a forgotten place.

Nyson's father died first, then his mother. Leaving him the eldest of 4 siblings. Their home was a typical mud bricked house with a thatched roof. Though it barely provided shelter from rain and storms, it was all their parents left them. To leave the house and land would mean losing them permanently. When alive, their parents must have modeled perseverance and strength.

Though without parents, this little household worked hard to provide food to eat and earn money to pay for school fees and tuition. Even so, there were days they didn’t eat and times they couldn’t pay for school.

When the Passion Center learned of their plight, they were brought in as a Child Headed Household. Shortly thereafter, heavy rains completely destroyed their little house. Nyson then took it upon himself to sleep at the collapsed house in order to safe-guard the livestock and few family belongings. The other children were able to sleep at a local camp site inside a church building.

With the Passion Center’s support and guidance, Nyson and his siblings returned to school. Caring partners donated to build them a better home. With their plight beginning to change, Nyson took advantage of this amazing opportunity, and tackled his studies hard. As a result, Nyson scored high enough on his secondary exit exam to qualify for college and recently he was accepted to a good Malawi University for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management! What an accomplishment! He is the first student from a CHH to qualify for a University.

His story is a story of hope replacing despair. This is how God’s grace breathes life into hopeless situations and crafts a future no one saw coming.

Please continue joining us in extending this hope to others like Nyson.


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