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Creating a World for All Ages | #InternationalYouthDay

Last month, Malawi commemorated #InternationalYouthDay, a day the UN set aside to highlight the issues faced by youth in day-to-day life.

This year, The Passion Center was asked to be on the organizing committee, and our former Passion Kid, Dr. Often Banda, was the guest of honor chosen to give a charge at the event. Often currently works as a military doctor with the Malawi Defense Force.

During his address, Often shared his life story of growing up as an orphan and how God gave him a bright future to be where he is today. He encouraged the youth to continue to work hard to achieve their dreams and cautioned them to avoid idleness by staying engaged in clubs and learning new skills.

"During all my academic life, I have always been part and parcel of clubs because this is where I was learning new skills and asking basic questions of life that shaped me to attain my current status," he shared.

Along with youth club ambassadors, he encouraged them to join youth networks that would inspire them to work hard in school and in their communities to become fruitful leaders.

We celebrate all God is doing in the lives of our former Passion Kids, and we are so proud of Dr. Often and the role model he has become to both our ministry and at the district level and



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