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Beauty for Ashes | Joy's Story

Joy (not her real name) is a 21-year-old girl whose story is that of beauty for ashes. As we reflect back on the time when Joy first came to the Passion Center, her life now is in such a different place than anyone could have imagined. As a 7-year-old orphan, she continually battled illnesses. At the age of 5, Joy started primary school at a disadvantage. Not only did she lack the necessary school supplies, uniforms, and writing materials, her two greatest challenges were the constant lack of food and her steadily declining health. This made it very difficult for her to concentrate at school when she did not have food at home and was often sick and unable to attend classes.

For a young-orphaned girl in a rural village in Malawi, death seems much more likely than a hopeful future, that is, unless generosity, grace, and care enter the story.

Joy says this about her story,

“My life before joining the Passion Center was in jeopardy. I was regularly sick from different types of diseases which I suffered in ignorance. Some of my relatives were accusing me of witchcraft because of my sickness and I was almost dead at one time. Then Passion Center came to my rescue, when they picked me and assessed my health status, they took me to the hospital where I was told of the source of my sickness. If it was not for the Passion Center, I would have been in the grave by now”.

Immediately after diagnosis, Joy was given the necessary treatment and her health started to improve. She began attending school without challenges and attended Passion Center Bible studies where she ultimately heard the gospel and gave her life to Jesus!

“In my whole second chance life that I have lived, I found a loving and caring parent in the Passion Center. Passion Center for Children gave me everything including food, shelter, clothes, medical support, school fees, and more importantly, they introduced me to Jesus who is now my Lord and Savior”, she shared.

Today Joy is finishing a Radio Internship in Salima, Malawi after completing an Advanced Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies. Her life has changed so much and she never seems to lack joy! She is so grateful for the sponsorship support, care and guidance she has received over the past 14 years and she hopes to inspire others with her story. After finding a job, she wants to financially support other needy girls who are going through similar struggles as well as provide support for her own siblings.

Joy's story is one of many beautiful stories that are being changed by the gospel and the opportunity to continue education. This Christmas season, consider blessing one of these college students with the gift of a laptop to assist them in their studies or by becoming an advocate for their education as a college/vocational sponsor!


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