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CHN COVID-19 Response Update:

Thanks for all your concern and support for the Passion Center and the people of Malawi. It truly encourages and blesses the hearts of the Passion Center staff that because of your generous response they get to be the hands and heart of Jesus to so many during this time of growing fear and uncertainty.

Our CHN COVID-19 response team made sure that the most vulnerable members of our greater Passion family were visited, reassured, and given supplies. Our special needs Champs, guardians to the infants in the Infant Rescue Project, and our orphaned children in Child Headed Households received COVID-19 awareness training, information, health promotion supplies, and equipment.

While there is some uncertainty about what next steps the government will impose in the current health emergency, we'll continue with our essential support to our communities and stay ready and able to respond as the Lord provides us opportunities to share His hope and grace during this time of uncertainty to the most needy and vulnerable.

Right now in Malawi, there is a court-ordered suspension of the government's 21-day lockdown period. This has caused the Zomba city officials to hold off on clearing the streets and bringing the street kids to us. We are set to welcome them in and prepared to use this opportunity to show them the love and hope of Jesus, but the court order is holding off their arrival for now.

We don't know if a lockdown will be enforced, but it doesn't seem to have the support of the poorer people in the cities and in most of the rural and village areas. For them, a lockdown equates to hunger, no opportunities for day-laborer work, and restrictions on selling at village and roadside food market areas. Sadly, since there isn't much information going out to the rural/village areas, there are also many unrealistic fears surrounding what the virus is or how it is spread. This is resulting in serious threats of violence against those who are suspected of being infected. So while we still are able, the Passion Center Community Health Network will be very active in all the rural/village areas visiting, informing, and preparing our communities during this health emergency.

Right now we are requesting an official exemption permit to continue with essential services during the lockdown. Please be in prayer for that and for us during this time of uncertainty. We are so grateful for God's faithfulness and provision, may He continue to bless you and continue to lead us forward.


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