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COVID-19: An Update on our IMPACT 2020 Events

An Update on our IMPACT 2020 Events:

Hi Everyone, Pilira and Saul are both in the states now and we kicked off the Passion IMPACT 2020 Tour in PA this week. We look forward to sharing what God is doing in Malawi and celebrating so many sweet rescue and redemption stories with you all.

We do have a number of events scheduled for the next 3 weeks in various states and we understand that the health situation related to the coronavirus is in a state of flux. We don't know if these concerns will increase or if they will subside especially as it pertains to public gatherings.

But as of today (Fri 13 Mar), we are not canceling any of our events and would love to see you all to thank you for your support and encouragement. There are so many exciting updates and amazing opportunities we want to share with you. But we do understand that some might not feel comfortable meeting together in a public place, and we definitely respect that.

We will regularly update you on the IMPACT 2020 scheduled events in case some change. Please check the Passion Center Facebook page and website for update announcements.

We'll close for now. please keep this situation and each other in prayer, and we hope to see many of you in the days ahead.

God bless,




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