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Thanks to the response so far, we’ve started purchasing and deploying health prevention supplies and equipment! To date, we’ve raised $3,000 and prayerfully more will come in so we can serve the identified areas, orphans and vulnerable population. With the funds coming in, the Passion Center CHN team has increased its pace of ministry and training to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and increase awareness and prevention all the while sharing the gospel.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s happening:

  • 2 Government health clinics now have handwashing stations

  • -A prison near one of our family of churches has also received a handwashing station

  • -The CHN volunteer groups who serve multiple villages are starting to receive soap, gloves, masks and handwashing stations

  • -The CHN team will do volunteer training for community groups during the day and awareness campaigns with PA systems during the evenings

  • -Passion Center staff will continue to locate, purchase, and distribute soap, masks, hand washing stations, and other health promotion supplies


One of the government’s plans to help slow the spread of COVID- 19 is to move all street kids out of the cities and try to find housing for them. Our city of Zomba is affected, and as one of the few places that can house kids, we’ve been asked to take in many of the street kids for up to 90 days. We don’t expect the government to be able to supply any funds or resources for this effort. They may promise, but they haven’t provided in the past.

This is a huge challenge to do well, but also a big opportunity for the gospel to rescue many street kids (most are either orphaned, neglected or abandoned) who have no hope.

We don’t have the extra funds to pull this off, so we are fully relying on God to meet this need through His people. We would love to have all the funds come soon to take in these street kids. We’ll need more beds, blankets, food, supplies, temporary staff and many other things. The government wants to begin clearing the streets of kids today (Thursday, April 9th) by starting to bring them to the Passion Center.

We know this urgent request comes on top of the present National Health Crisis, but we also know from past experience that even during the worst possible situations, God can move quite unexpectedly to rescue the most undesirable amongst us to show His great love, amazing grace, and abundant provision.

Abusa Pilira and Saul are beginning to develop some cost estimates and we’ll share them as soon as we have them, but right now we are praying for at least $5,000 to begin to respond to this challenge and opportunity.

Please note ‘CHN-COVID-19 Response' to give to our CHN ministry or ‘Emergency Shelter’ on your online donation or check to give to the immediate shelter needs at the center. Thank you for your support during this crisis!


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