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Doing So Much with So Little

Some of the team that went to Malawi this summer was able to attend another river baptism with Jali Community Church. As the church walked to the river with the 35 new believers, we sang songs as we passed through the villages. I marveled at the impact that both this pastor and church are having though they don’t have electricity or even a vehicle. God is bearing so much fruit through this faithful and focused church. 15 of the 35 new believers were former Muslims and three were Imams. They now care for 60 Passion Kids, two Child Headed Households, 35 local widows. They also host a Mobile Champs ministry for Special Needs children, share the gospel in the surrounding villages, see lots of decisions to follow Jesus and make regular baptism trips to the river! Pastor Million does a wonderful job. He graduated with our first PCP class and is mentored by Abusa Chibwana and Abusa Saul. In talking to pastor Million, I found out he is hoping to plant two churches. As we left, I felt the impulse to begin praying for a used truck and two motorcycles for Pastor Million and Jali Community Church. Would you join me in asking God to bring in at least 10K for a used truck and 2K each for motorcycles? If you feel led to help, please note so on your donation. If you’d like more info, just contact us.


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