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A Classroom of Her Own

Since Agnes was a young girl, she dreamed of becoming a school teacher. When she lost her parents in 2018, she thought this dream might be lost forever.

Agnes went to live with her older sister, but with a family of her own, her sister didn’t have the means to provide for her. It looked like continuing education would be out of the question for Agnes. This would leave her with presumably one option — to marry young, continuing the cycle of poverty for her and her family.

But by the grace of God and with the support of the Passion Center, Agnes's life was changed forever.

Agnes knows that God and God alone used the support and provision of the Passion Center to show His love for her and help her see the purpose that He has for her life. Receiving food, clothing, and other daily necessities lifted an enormous burden off her and her family. With this support, she was able to finish her secondary schooling and go on to complete Teachers Training College. She is the very first college graduate out of our Passion Center location in Jali!

While Agnes awaits her final posting and placement into a classroom of her own, she helps tutor kids in the Jali Passion Center after-school program. Her dream is to influence other Passion kids, especially the young girls, to work hard in their studies and take advantage of the opportunities they receive through the Passion Center to help their own families and others in their communities.

Agnes shared a heartfelt message for all the faithful Passion Center supporters who helped her fulfill her dreams when they seemed hopeless. She shared, “As I have come to an end of my college course, I am very glad and thankful to God for using Passion Center for my goals to be fulfilled. My sister and the other kids with the community at large will benefit from what I have now because of the support I’ve received.”


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