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Here's What You Helped Make Possible in 2019!

  • 318 orphans and vulnerable children cared for.  All learning that God hasn’t forgotten them and that they can have an amazing future in Christ.  152 Orphans (in 2 Passion Center sites)

  • 24 Child Headed Households (CHH) enjoying regular meals, going to school, receiving medical care and seeing God’s love in action.

  • 22 Orphans living safely in our Residency Center.

  • 78 Champions Club & Champs Mobile kids (Special Needs Ministry) learning they are especially loved by Him. Launching the Infant Rescue Project (IRP) to rescue orphaned infants.

  • 13 Infant orphans sponsored through our Infant Rescue Project (IRP).

  • 30 students in college: 3 more qualified for Nkhoma University and 1 for Teacher's college.

  • Celebrating the graduation of 2 University Students: Amos Kamwana from Nkhoma University and Often Banda from Malawi College of Medicine as a Doctor. Often is now on staff with the Community Health Network program.

  • The launching of 2 new Churches: Chinduzi CC & Grace CC!

  • Training 1000 pastors and ministry leaders from 5 regions through the Passion Center for Pastors (PCP) ministry.

  • The Community Library opened with textbooks and many other books to help our kids improve.

  • Built 4 new houses for CHH families, 3 for villagers after the cyclone emergency, and are providing the needed building materials for an additional 8 families.

  • Added 2 new PCP groups: Chikwawa & Mulanje

  • Witnessing Ntaja PCP group graduate!

  • Received two 40’ containers full of needed supplies, clothes and equipment from Washington and North Carolina.

  • Donated funds to purchase a Land Cruiser to extend our reach.

  • Provided 7 bicycles to CHH secondary school students to help travel the long distances to school.

  • Installed a Solar Power system for Champions Club and the Community Learning Center

  • Acquired the Passion Retreat & Conference Center!

  • 300 people gave their lives to Christ through our Community programs and initiatives!

Thank you for your generosity, sacrifice, and prayer - To God alone be ALL the Glory!


Here's what we're Dreaming about in 2020

We invite you to pray along with us as we dream and plan about bringing God’s rescue, redemption, and restoration to even more in Malawi in 2020.

  • 6 additional Child Headed Households.

  • 40 new Champs.

  • 20 new Passion Kids

  • 15 addition Infants for the IRP

  • 7 College Scholarships for new Qualified Students

  • Finish Acquiring the Passion Retreat & Conference Center!

  • An Early Childhood Development Center

  • Establishing a Mobile Community Health Clinic

  • Launching a Vocational Development Center

  • Explore the need for and feasibility of a home for rescued infants



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