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Meet Nixson

He is a 16-year-old boy living in a village called Namsasala village in Zomba. He is currently in Standard 8 (eighth grade) at Mpemba School. Nixson lost both of his parents when he was a little boy and currently lives with his grandmother. He is doing well physically, although he does suffer from nearsightedness. He wants to attend school and get good grades in order to eventually attend medical school. Passion Center has come alongside Nixson in hopes of helping him achieve his dreams, however, Nixson is in need of a sponsor. Would you be willing to sponsor him? Your sponsorship goes to Nixson's immediate need for school supplies/fees and meals. In addition, He will be encouraged and shown that the love of God is bigger than any circumstance and learn that he has hope and a future in Christ. Click donate to sponsor him now!


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