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The Hands and Feet of Christ | Marc Magaña

One of the beautiful parts about my trips to Malawi was watching the kids at the residency center grow every year. The time we got to spend with them every day, gave us a chance to learn about them and hear their stories. My name is Marc Magana and I’ve been privileged to make the trip to Malawi five times. In those times, I have grown close to many of the residency children. The residency children oftentimes don’t have a parent or relative that can take them in. The teams that travel to Malawi have the special opportunity to engage with them on a deeper level because of how often we see them. The opportunity to see them almost every day allowed us to give them love, attention, and affection. Going back year after year the bonds grew.

When I first went in 2013, I met a young lady named Isabel who was shy and quiet. The last time I was there, Isabel accompanied the team to the Zomba hospital and interpreted for the team as we prayed over some of the patients in their beds. She led the conversation, interpreted, and prayed for them herself. The Passion Center staff has encouraged these young men and women in their faith. Watching the kids learn to step out of their comfort zone and reach someone for Christ was an amazing experience. Malawi taught me so many things and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. 



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