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UPDATE: CHN COVID-19 Emergency Response

The COVID-19 response team is extremely active as they know most of the village areas are not receiving any information, health training, or supplies as Malawi braces for the spread of the virus and a mandatory lockdown. Please continue to pray for safety, resources, and success as the team reaches into the villages late into the night.

Our team has prioritized training and distribution of health kits to the areas we serve as well as our larger Passion Center family. The village chiefs, rural pastors and community leaders say the Passion Center is the first organization to reach out to them with vital COVID-19 information and the only one that provides health and prevention supplies.

Here are a few new updates:

- To date, all 8 of our CHN volunteer groups (serving 150 villages) have received training, handwashing supplies, masks, and gloves. They are now spreading the message in their communities. The CHN volunteer groups serve as a vital grace-based healthcare support link for COVID-19 awareness and prevention. We want to supply all 130 volunteers with their own handwashing kits and supplies as additional sites within the villages.

- 50 rural pastors and 50 village chiefs have received intensive COVID-19 training. They now have handwashing stations and supplies also. Pastors and chiefs are key agents in the rural communities who can influence and promote healthy practices and prevention awareness. Our goal is to reach 150 more pastors and chiefs before an anticipated mandatory lockdown is announced.

- 8 CHH families have received training and handwashing kits and supplies. Reaching the remaining CHHs is in progress.

- Training and distribution of supplies is ongoing for all Champs and Infant Rescue Project families.

- Our nighttime COVID-19 community health awareness campaign, which utilizes a mobile PA system, has been completed in 5 rural zones. The nighttime campaign will continue into the remaining 3 zones.

In regards to housing Zomba street kids, local officials have visited the Passion Center to finally coordinate their arrival. The national government delayed its goal of clearing the cities of all street kids as health emergency policies and laws needed to be implemented. Please pray for each of the kids as well as the staff. Please ask God to turn this national emergency into an opportunity for these kids and many in the rural villages to put their trust in Jesus and experience new life in Him.

We are so grateful for the generous response and faithful prayer we are receiving! Please continue to pray for Malawi and the Passion Center.

Please note ‘CHN-COVID-19 Response' to give to our CHN ministry or ‘Emergency Shelter’ on your online donation or check to give to the immediate shelter needs at the center.



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