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Since the US COVID-19 restrictions forced pastors Pilira and Saul to return to Malawi, we’ve been active in sending the CHN out to help the villages we serve prepare for the looming health crisis. We now need to take the next step to help the vulnerable we serve. Malawi has officially reported active COVID-19 cases as of April 2nd, 2020, and the recent BBC article “If it comes, it will overwhelm us: Malawi braces for coronavirus”, regrettably seems prophetic. The BBC reports that only 20 people a day can be tested for the virus and there are only 25 intensive care unit beds and seven ventilators in the country. Therefore our goal is to emphasize prevention to those who are the most vulnerable, who have no running water and who can not afford to purchase soap, masks or gloves. We need to provide: - 2 Government Health Centers in our area with hand washing stations, soap, gloves, and masks. - All the orphans, widows, the CHN volunteer teams, churches and communities we serve with hand washing stations, soap, masks, and gloves (at a minimum that’s 196 handwashing stations, 1,600 masks & sets of gloves and 1,000s of bars and bottles of soap). -Pastor Edwin, Dr. Often and the rest of the CHN staff with personal protective wear We’ve received a gift of $1,500 to get us started but we anticipate needing between 5K-7K more to serve our orphans, widows and the most vulnerable during this crisis. Any gift is appreciated.  Please note ‘CHN-COVID-19 Response’ on your online donation or check. Thank you for your prayers and partnership. Caring for orphans and widows in their time of need and affliction has always formed the core of sharing the gospel in all we do at the Passion Center. May God bless and protect you.



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